IHSE provides TEMPEST certified KVM extension

TEMPEST is a National Security Agency specification and NATO certification referring to spying on information systems through leaking emanations, including unintentional radio or electrical signals, sounds, and vibrations.

The Tempest tested & certified IHSE KVM extender series K487 meets the criteria of NATO SDIP-27 Level B / Zone 1 in accordance with the Zone short measurement. Zone 1 environments assume that an attacker cannot get closer than about 20 m from the device. Leaking electromagnetic emanations are reduced to a minimum, preventing sensitive information from interception and reconstruction by hackers. The IHSE Tempest KVM extenders can thus be safely operated in Zone 1 environments including such highly secured areas like national intelligence services and military intelligence.

 Compact Secure KVM Extender (Series 487-TLB) (211 KB)