Broadcast Asia 2014

KVM for the professional audio, film and TV industries

Singapore is famous for its superlatives. A tiny state, lacking in natural resources, yet economically very powerful and known for leading-edge technology. It comes as no surprise that the largest annual Asian broadcast exhibition takes place in Singapore.

From June 17-20 the major global players in broadcast and pro-AV met again. Of course, IHSE were present. Our Singapore-based subsidiary IHSE-APAC presented IHSE’s latest products to the broadcast industry.

State-of-the-art broadcast studios and postproduction suites nowadays depend on KVM technology in their workflow. KVM extenders separate workstations from computers and video servers by remotely locating processing and data storage equipment in environmentally-controlled technical rooms. This creates more pleasant working environments by increasing workspace and removing the noise and heat produced by computer base units.

In addition, KVM matrix switches enable flexible mapping of sources and workstations, providing professional broadcasters with direct access to data and video from their individual workstations. Distribution of video content to the highest resolutions can be achieved with no latency or video artifacts.
Broadcasters worldwide, including BT Sports in London, ORF in Vienna or ZDF and Mainz, as well as major postproduction houses, such as Shapeshifter, George Lucas‘ Skywalker Sound and Sonic Magic Studios trust the outstanding quality of IHSE technology.

Asian broadcasters are rapidly increasing in stature on the worldwide stage. At Broadcast Asia we impressed many broadcast technicians and decision makers with our high-end KVM solutions.

Thank you to all visitors for your great interest and positive feedback.