Haifa RCC deploys Draco tera compact matrix switch for switching and distribution of HD signals

Israel operates a modern 24/7 Rescue Coordination Centre (RCC) in Haifa to assist all vessels in distress and investigate cases of pollution of the marine environment, in accordance with the IMO Conventions.

In a recent redevelopment of the RCC, latest technology was selected to satisfy the highest standards of maritime safety, with mission-critical signal distribution maintaining high resilience. A new system was developed, based around KVM technology. As all applications needed to be controlled by Crestron touchscreens and iPads a highly flexible KVM matrix was required to enable interconnections for a large range of devices.

The decision was made to deploy an IHSE KVM system, based on a 64 port Draco tera compact matrix switch. The KVM solution delivered enhanced functionality to control multimedia within the RCC and has performed without fail since it was integrated. A variety of sources can be switched instantly to different screens, projectors and management stations with no latency and without introducing any image artefacts.

 Haifa RCC (Draco tera compact) (735 KB)