Draco matrix switches back sound technology at the Munich Residence Theater

The Bavarian State Theater (Bayrisches Staats-schauspiel) comprising three venues, Residence Theater, Cuvilliés Theater and Marstall, is Munich’s largest theater complex.

In 2010, the New Residence Theater was further upgraded with a Draco major KVM switch to enable matrix operation. X-key panels mounted at the workstations allow convenient switching between monitors and sources at the push of a button.

In 2013, the Cuvilliés Theater followed with the upgrade of a Draco tera compact matrix switch with the ability to freely rearrange each port as input or output on the fly. Again, X-key panels are used to switch signals. Two workstations have full access to all systems. Connection within the building is made by Cat X cabling; longer distances between buildings are bridged by fiber optic cable.

 Residence Theater (Draco tera compact) (754 KB)