Multi-Screen Control

Switching by mouse enhanced for computers with multi-screen support

IHSE Multi-Screen Control provides access to four CPUs from one single workstation that includes four monitors but only one set of keyboard and mouse. You can easily switch between the four CPUs by keyboard commands (hot keys), push buttons or simply by moving the mouse cursor beyond the border of a monitor.

This feature is of great benefit to users in control rooms, in the financial sector or in broadcasting industries for studio automation.

Using additional Draco U-Switches, the number of computers and monitors can be doubled to eight in different arrangements.

Switching via hot keys and push button is possible at anytime. Multi-Screen Control by mouse movement was previously limited to computers with one monitor (Single-Head). Multi-Head sources (with two or more monitors per computer) could not be switched by mouse movements.

New video cards, including NVIDIA with Mosaic technology and AMD with Eyfinity technology, now allow clustering of several monitors to one big virtual screen. IHSE Multi-Screen Control provides switching by mouse movement between computers with these video cards, even if each individual computer is equipped with several monitors.