EU Parlamentarium provides visitor information using IHSE Draco compact KVM extenders

The Parlamentarium interactive museum in Brussels uses a variety of interactive multimedia exhibits to take visitors on a unique journey into the heart of the European Parliament and the European Union (EU).

The mission of Parlamentarium is to make sense of the political system that affects over 500 million citizens throughout the member states. It achieves this through a series of 100 multimedia installations exhibits that convey information using a wide diversity of styles from personal film presentation, a 13,000 LED bulb ceiling-mounted light map to a full-size mock-up of the plenary floor achieved through the use of a 150 square meter projection system.

Keyboard, Video and Mouse (KVM) extenders from IHSE are used within Parlamentarium to transmit high definition video images around the building to be displayed on large screens, whilst simultaneously returning touchscreen controls from the user, allowing them to control and manipulate the presentation in real time.

 EU Parlamentarium Brussels (Draco compact) (1.48 MB)