Control center and simulation rooms at Frankfurt Airport deploy Draco tera compact matrix switches

The airport’s management and control operations takes place in control centers, which are manned 24/7 throughout the year. One of these essential operations is the Airside Coordination and Data Center (ACDC). This control center comprises analysis, processing and coordination of central flight information for ground and airport surface traffic control. The recent relocation of the control center into another operations building provided an opportunity to revise and upgrade existing operational methods.

A fundamental motivation was to reduce and manage the environmental conditions within the control center’s operating rooms, optimizing the center’s working conditions. This was achieved by relocating the necessary IT devices into a remotely located equipment room. It was essential that instant access to all computers and IT devices should be maintained at all times. This would allow users to switch any required application or data to their dedicated workstations via keyboard and mouse without delay.

 Fraport (Draco tera compact) (1.01 MB)