Software Bundles - Bundle 4: Matrix Grid

For matrix switches of the Draco tera series (Draco tera enterprise & Draco tera compact) we offer five optional software bundles featuring advanced matrix firmware. Bundle 4 includes our new Matrix Grid feature to dynamically couple up to 16 KVM matrix switches in a virtual super-matrix.

The Matrix Grid technology offers significant advantages over traditional unidirectional and hierarchic cascading options that have so far been used to connect multiple matrices.
This traditional tree structure, limited to top-down connections, is replaced by a flat network structure allowing the highest level of switching flexibility and free choice of access from any position.  

Individual users experience a single matrix switch and are unaware of the substructure of the virtual super-matrix. Matrices can be separated over large distances or even located in different buildings. Since each matrix can still host consoles and computers, the dynamic architecture of Matrix Grid makes it possible to access all sources from each workstation, even if they are separated kilometers away from each other.