Draco compact extenders used to transmit HD images throughout The View from The Shard – London’s highest attraction

The View from The Shard is the visitor attraction at the top of the tallest building in Western Europe, offering 360° views for miles across London.

Visitors to the viewing galleries ascend to the 68th floor by means of two sets of lifts. The first climbs to the mid-point of the building on floor 33, where guests traverse to the second lift which completes the journey to the galleries on levels 69 and 72. Each lift has banks of LCD video screens covering the ceiling playing video loops of the building structure and visual effects. The lower, larger lift carriages have a 3 x 2 video wall comprising 40” LC displays; the higher lifts use two 60” monitors side-by-side.

 The View from the Shard (Draco compact)  (700 KB)