Green KVM - Sun in the Tank

IHSE stands for environmentally sustainable economic activity. Starting with the little things in our daily business, e.g. the use of recycled paper, re-use of received cardboard boxes or packaging material made of renewable and even compostable material (packaging chips made of corn) we are keeping an eye on the bigger picture. We minimize energy and resource consumption in production, operation and disposal of the devices.

In order to meet our own standards, we continue expanding our commitment to environmental protection. All company cars are fuel efficient. Our delivery van was recently replaced by an electric car. Its electricity is generated by solar cells on the roof of our headquarters building, completely eliminating fossil fuels and CO2 emission. In operation, no relevant pollution is being produced. The only noise created by the van is from the turning of the wheels.  

The transporter having a neutral effect on the climate is another milestone on the way to the 100% ecologically friendly IT production and genuine Green KVM.