Interview with Jonathan Wales, CEO Sonic Magic Studios

Sonic Magic Studios, a premiere boutique post production facility located in Culver City, CA, specializes in delivering incredible soundtracks for major Hollywood movies with unparalleled quality.

“If we seem a little fanatical - that’s because we are”

To provide the very best and most flexible service to their clients, Sonic Magic maintains one of the most technologically advanced facilities of its kind. Sonic Magic was one of the pioneers of fully-centralized production networking in a small facility which provides advantages in efficiency and flexibility; translating directly to a better result. The studio currently maintains over 250 Terabytes of storage, all fully backed up and completely accessible from anywhere inside or outside the facility with full security.

Sonic Magic currently operates four mixing stages ideal for a multitude of projects from small feature films, television series and commercials through to major Hollywood films; supplemented by two ADR (Additional Dialogue Recording) stages with sufficient space to comfortably cater for single actors and large groups. A Foley recording stage is staffed by dedicated and highly experienced sound magicians recording the highest quality of sound effects from a vast quantity of on-site props.

“Everything here serves a purpose - to enable us to deliver the very best results possible in the most flexible and comfortable surroundings”

All the stages are supported by a set of ten Media Composer Suites and several sound editing rooms. The whole operation is operated by a creative team of dedicated sound and recording specialists; Sonic Magic’s most important asset - a team of sound supervisors, editors and mixers whose expertise consistently delivers the magic into sound recordings.

The Sonic Magic philosophy is that the true function of technology is to serve the creative process. Consequently an environment has been built which incorporates the very latest state-of-the-art equipment around a centralized production network infrastructure leveraging fiber channel and high-speed Ethernet backbones to their full potential. At its core is an Avid ISIS 5000 central storage system, combined with an enterprise-grade Cisco and Q-Logic switching infrastructure and ISIS, Unity, XSAN-2 and FibreJet Storage Area Networks. 

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