Introducing Draco XV

Our Extenders with 2.5 times higher transmission speed

For a few weeks now, it has been possible to order all fiber Draco compact extenders and fiber Draco vario extenders as version XV with 2.5 times higher transmission speed.

With this accelerated data transmission, you can send pixel accurate, high-end video signals at maximum frame rate. With 2.5 Gbit/s bandwidth, the XV fiber extenders meet the highest requirements of video signal transmission.

We offer I/O SFP boards with XV modules for use with a Draco tera enterprise matrix. Special feature: regular and XV I/O boards can be used in a single frame simultaneously.

Short overview about the unique features of Draco XV:

  • Base product: K474-1SHX
  • Connection requirements: Available with fiber connection
  • Transmission Speed: 2.5 Gbit/s