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IHSE facilitates the interconnection between KVM matrix switches

Oberteuringen, February 1, 2016 – IHSE announces the release of the Matrix Grid board to simplify interconnection between Draco tera enterprise KVM matrix switches. The new technology reduces cost and wiring effort without any reduction in performance.

KVM matrix systems enable the transmission of signals and switching between computers and remote consoles. For larger or decentralized installations, several matrices can be connected together using Matrix Grid to form a decentralized, virtual super-matrix. That allows users to access computers anywhere in the grid from their own workstation console in real time.

The new dual-port Matrix Grid board replaces the standard I/O board previously used for matrix interconnection and dramatically reduces cabling required between them. With the new board, eight grid lines that previously required eight separate duplex fibers, are established using a single duplex fiber connection.

Compared to a CWDM solution, the conventional method of reducing the number of fibers, the Matrix Grid board saves considerable cost. The plug-and-play capability of the Matrix Grid board simplifies installation, and allows separation of matrix locations to a distance up to 10 km and beyond, depending upon the type of SFP being used, making it ideal for installations in large corporate sites.

The full range of IHSE KVM products, including the new Matrix Grid board, will be available for demonstration at ISE in Amsterdam, February 9-12, 2016. Booth 10-P148.

 Functional diagram: Circular multiple matrix setup (643 KB)

 IHSE Press Release - Matrix Grid board (179 KB)