Interview with Jonathan Wales, CEO Sonic Magic Studios

Sonic Magic Studios, a premiere boutique post production facility located in Culver City, CA, specializes in delivering incredible soundtracks for major Hollywood movies with unparalleled quality.

Interview with Markus Drautz, Sales Director

Markus Drautz is one of IHSE’s longest-standing members and currently the company’s Sales Director. Over the years he has helped shape the way the organization has evolved and influenced the design and architecture of the range...

New Draco U Switch function

Since April 1, 2013 a firmware upgrade to our Draco U-Switches (K476-4U/ 8U) has offered seamless switching between up to 8 computers simply by moving the mouse across the monitors. No software is required on the connected CPUs,...

HID Ghosting

Instant CPU access even if connecting from consoles with different keyboards or mice

Brand new: Draco tera compact with 8, 64 or 80 ports

From December 1, 2012, we have been accepting orders for our new Draco tera compact matrices with 8, 64 and 80 ports. The new products will complete our Draco tera compact family which offers perfect solutions for small- and...

Introducing Draco XV

Our Extenders with 2.5 times higher transmission speed

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