Flexible management of live AV recordings at London’s Royal Academy of Music

The Royal Academy of Music is Britain’s oldest conservatoire. The world renown institution was founded in 1822, and is currently housed in three historic buildings in the heart of London.The Academy recently embarked on a...

New IHSE Headquarters

IHSE puts up a new company building in Oberteuringen at Lake Constance, from September 2017 until October 2018

Featured: Alexandra Bürger

Alexandra Bürger joined IHSE in March 2017 and is responsible for quality management and process planning.With an eye for detail and a rigorous approach, Alexandra’s role as quality manager is to ensure the highest level of...

IHSE sponsors volleyball champions VfB Friedrichshafen

Local company, IHSE has provided sponsorship to the VfB Friedrichshafen volleyball team for the past year. VfB Friedrichshafen is a successful team, having won the Champions League in 2007 and been German champions thirteen...

IHSE brings Jonathan Wales to Broadcast India for Keynote Address

At Broadcast India, veteran Film Mixer and Studio Owner, Jonathan Wales presented a Keynote address in the Bombay Exhibition Centre October 12th. The keynote topic brought Jonathan's unique perspective of 25 years working in the...

From One plus One do Three

Video Clip – Integrations with IHSE KVM

IHSE partners with EVS

IHSE has been selected by EVS as an innovation partner to offer enhanced operational solutions to global broadcasters.

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